The Denton Community Band has been in existence since 1976 with Carol Lynn Mizell as its Conductor since 1978. Over the years, the organization has performed numerous concerts in Denton and the surrounding area for such events as:

The DCB was a part of the entertainment for Senator Jane Nelson's Governor for a Day Celebration on the Capitol steps in Austin in April, 2004.

The DCB's annual Santa Serenades travel throughout the Denton area with Christmas Carols for the person/family/party of the donor's choice.

The DCB has collaborated for concerts with:

In 1986, the DCB was named the Official Sesquicentennial Band of Denton County.

Membership in the band is open to adult players in the community and surrounding area.

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By: Carol Lynn Mizell

Denton Community Band Officers

Jerry Drake
Vice President
Bob Mizell
David Wolfe
Gary Taylor
Equipment Manager
Bill Knight
Gary Taylor
Current Members:
Jodie Rios
Joyce Jones
Jodie Rios
Virginia Gallian
Joyce Wilbanks
Joyce Jones
Cheryl Dutcher
Cathy Unger
Linda Smith
Ela Garcia
Gabrielle Fletcher
M.J. Bell
Carol Williams
Carol Hogan
Kiera Thaden
Diana 'Dee' Doria
Joan Babicz
Keshia Wilkins
Kyle Sherbert
Gary Taylor
Eb Alto Saxophone
Jeff Peters
Chris Cavnar
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Jerry Drake
Gina Wright
Eb Baritone Saxophone
Neil Watson
Jeff Hudson
C.A. Bell
Bill Knight
Anne Scott
Richard Waddell
French Horn
Valerie Hobbs
Aaron Powell
Judy Weir
Shawn Hampton
Doug Ebersole
Russell Hughes
Pat Crawford
David Wolfe
Tim Anderson
Bill Cooksey
Jacque Fauver
Earl Garden
Bob Mizell
Helen Everts
Madison Rorschach